Hair Transplant

Surgical Methods for hair loss

Hair transplantation is the surgical method of choice for treatment of baldness or hair loss in both males & females.

Hair Transplant Techniques

1. FUT or follicle unit transplantation
2. FUE or follicle unit extraction
3. Combined FUT & FUE

FUT method

FUT or strip method, in which strip of skin with hair is taken from back of scalp & transplanted of areas of hair loss.

FUE method

FUE is the latest method for hair transplantation in which individual hair follicles Are taken And then transplanted over area of hair loss.

Combined Method

Both FUT & FUE techniques can be done to achieve greater density or best results.

Which method is better for You.

Whether FUE or FUT or combined. Best method is determined after examination.
Areas for Hair Transplantation
1. Scalp hair transplant
Most common
2. Eyebrow hair transplant
In cases of hair loss of eyebrows
3. Moustache hair transplant
4. Eyelash hair transplant
5. Beard hair transplant

Side effects of Hair Transplantation

Pain & swelling can occur for few days after surgery. In FUE technique recovery is quick & minimum scars

Cost of Hair Transplantation

FUT cost
FUT cost only 35 rupees per graft available
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FUE cost
FUT cost only 50 rupees per graft available
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